Ground work, removal of soil in Kharkov 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

Dig a pit, take the land - it's easy.

When there is a need for work on soil excavation and subsequent exportation of land in large quantities, or just need to remove debris, the issue of bringing technology to these works. With us you get the full range of services. Cars and other vehicles you can always order from us.

Earthworks any complexity, removal of land, soil and Kharkiv region. Different types of work using the excavator and hand digging.

Dig a trench, dig a trench, dig a hole under the foundation, take the ground and remove debris.

All can be ordered from us. Call to our managers and explain in detail all the features of earthworks help calculate the amount of work, cost and time required for the job. We provide trucks for removal of land of various capacities, excavators, tractors and other necessary equipment in adequate quantities for excavation. Prices are minimal, because we want you to be happy with and recommend us to their friends. Call us and you will not regret it!