Buy cinder block price in Kharkiv 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

Cinder blocks Kharkiv price 8,80 UAH/pc.

Cinder blocks - the cheapest building material that is prized for its cheapness. This is the main advantage of cinder blocks.

It is produced by special machines by concrete vibropressing.

Its structure, apparently from the name, includes slag, ashes, a waste of burning of coal i.e. cheap and available materials. Also by production шлакоблоков apply a waste of a brick, a aerated concrete, elimination of rubble, expanded clay aggregate, a shell rock, a sand-gravel mix etc.

Along with the acceptable price of cinder blocks, there is a fine possibility of a combination of structure of a mix of which the shlakoblok is made. Therefore, knowing some features of manufacturing of a working mix, it is possible to allocate a material of cinder blocks with the properties necessary to you that will essentially increase both quality and reliability of construction works.

One more advantage of cinder blocks is ease of its laying, in comparison with a traditional brick. And, respectively, higher speed of construction.

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