Sand price Kharkov 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

You can buy sand for construction in Kharkov by price:
delivery bulk price UAH
Zil 4 м3 900
KAMAZ 9 м3 1400
KrAZ 11 м3 1700

You can always buy sand (sand pit Bezlyudovskiy) and buy washed sand.

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a natural material, which is a sedimentary rock, usually consisting of relatively pure mineral quartz. Depending on where the mined sand is composed of various impurities and sediment particles (various small pieces of stone, clay, etc.).

Also it is used in many areas of construction and decoration design works in architectural projects. The sand used in the manufacture of paving slabs and concrete products, laying foundations, concrete, masonry walls, landscaping gardens and adjoining areas, construction of bulk lots of highways and roads. Certainly plaster and decorative interior finishing work on buildings not get along without the use of sand. Very fine sand and different color additives and dyes, so fine quartz sand is an excellent material to create original textured finish which adorn the visible part of the foundation and walls of any building.

Depending on the method of extraction and composition of components building sand divided into rigid and waterways.

River sand, as the name implies, is produced from the banks and beds of year. Because of this method of extraction of sand and place of its formation (river bottom), it is usually quite clear in its composition. Components of sand free from clay and other impurities, contain almost no unnecessary inclusions, which allows to use river sand in many areas of construction. Usually washed sand is used in the design, manufacturing and Mason's work. Construction sand river has a slightly higher price because of its method of production. So often used cheaper price sand pit.

Rigid sand is a complex mixture of different fraction minerals that formed over many years as a result of the destruction of natural rocks. Sand may include various additives such as stone, earth and clay. Extraction is carried shovels in large open pits. Sand is usually divided by the size of its constituent grains. It is fine (particle size up to two millimeters), medium-(particle size from two to three millimeters), coarse (particle size from two to five millimeters). Because of the presence of stones and other components, while working sand pit, usually inflicted by sieving or washing. Depending on this method of cleaning, share it on seeded and washed sand pit. In one case will apply a simple screening, in another - washing with water. Sand are seeded for the manufacture of the roadway, backfill under foundation or pit. Wash - in the manufacture of concrete, reinforced concrete, slabs, and where undesirable presence in clay and other solid particles that are always washed during processing water.

Sand is widely used within building materials. Based on sand is a solution for masonry brick aerocrete or other wall materials. Sand is at the basis of your home - foundation. And in decorating walls - plaster and even in many places. Therefore, when building a house without sand can not cope!