Brick red simple and facing price in Kharkov 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

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You can buy the red bricks of different factories which has become traditional building material, and is still very popular, in some cases irreplaceable. It is not recommended to put the base from a silicate material: it is unstable to moisture, and here from the red - just right.

The ceramic brick, as ordinary (construction) and obverse(front, facing, finishing) differs.

Ordinary is applied to internal partitions, walls, or for an external laying, but to the subsequent processing (plaster).It happens corpulent more often.

Facing (the obverse brick) from two parties smooth, equal, also has beautiful homogeneous color. It, usually, hollow - that is inside has many emptiness that does a wall of warmer, and it is the important characteristic. After all all of us want, that our house was warm during winter time.

Durability – one of the main characteristics. It is ability to resist to loadings and deformations, without changing. There is such important indicator as the brand - is level of durability. It is expressed by the letter "M" and a digital index which shows a limit of load of 1 cm quarter of a product without destruction. Marking of a brick happens from 75 to 300. How to learn, what brand is necessary? For example, to multi-storey buildings apply brand not less than 150. And here for the usual house in 2–3 floors also "hundred part" (that is М100) quite will suffice. On sale more often you can see such brands - 100, 125, 150, 175. They are used more often.

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