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White silicate brick

Brick silicate — a brick which consists of a lime and quartz sand. Production technologies of a brick were improved many times. Control of production at all stages is completely automated. Now for production of a silicate brick only natural materials – a lime and sand that does it by a non-polluting element of construction are used. The main thing in production of such brick явлется a principle, called autoclave synthesis: 9 parts of quartz sand, 1 part of a lime plus special additives. Then everything is exposed to dry pressing (the brick form) and is created then, (instead of roasting as the ceramic brick), gives in to autoclave processing - processing by water vapor and temperature of 180-200 °C and pressure of 8-12 atm. So the brick becomes firm and strong in addition gains beautiful white color which remains forever.

In Kharkov produce white silicate brick at two factories - Kurazh factory silicate products and LLC "The factory Reinforced Concrete" (Osnova is not working now).

The corpulent silicate brick finds many scopes. It can be used practically everywhere, behind an exception unless constructions of the bases and furnaces. One of the main advantages of a silicate brick before a ceramic brick is its sound transmission which is much higher that is doubtless plus at construction of interroom or interroom walls. Distinguishes it and the increased mechanical durability. Well and certainly the house which was constructed of a white brick, is pleasantly allocated with the snow white color. When there is a choice of appearance of a cottage, at once there are thoughts on individual style. Style of the person - style of the house. The first impression will be created by a facade. Therefore those who chose a white brick, aren't sorry about it, since the image of the house becomes at once light.

Many people ask such simple question: "And whether there will be to me a discount for big party of a brick?" Certainly you receive the guaranteed discount, and still will save not only on the brick price, but also on delivery, unloading because just we solve such questions always easily and quickly.