Aerocrete KCM price Kharkov 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

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What is the aerocrete?

Easy new wall material, which is already firmly established in the modern construction aerocrete, aerated concrete blocks - are the white porous block, one of types of so-called cellular concrete (ranking with foam concrete and aerated concrete) But unlike foam concrete, газоблоки in Kharkov at HSM plant are made in the industrial way, in the big shops which have been specially equipped with autoclave installation that gives necessary reliability and durability allowing to erect high-rise construction.

This material unites in itself at the same time properties of such materials as the tree and a stone, and therefore gains the increasing popularity in the different countries. The aerated concrete gives good a sound and a thermal insulation in eight times more, than at reinforced concrete and in three - four times are more than at a ">brick. That is important, since essentially reduces costs of house heating in осенне - the winter period. Undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of the aerated concrete block is that it rather easily gives in to processing by ordinary tools - is sawn, drilled etc.

In aerocrete easily clogged bracket. With age, aerated concrete will become firmer and stronger. Unlike wood, the material will not rot or get old and always retain its beautiful white color. It is not burn, because it includes only the security of non-combustible minerals. Environmentally friendly and safe to the natural radioactivity better off concrete and heavy concrete, because the density of the block is less.

About Material also say its characteristics: reliability, frost resistance, deformability, high thermal conductivity. However, he breathes, as opposed to concrete, but not exposed to the processes of decay, like a tree. And so you create a microclimate in the house of aerated safe and very useful for people with joint, lung and heart disease.

The exact dimensions of concrete blocks Hetten (KCM Kharkiv) yielded almost a perfectly flat wall surface. The price of aerocrete can significantly reduce the cost of construction of the building, which is one of the main attractive factors in choosing wall material. His weight is very greatly reduces labor costs in the construction of walls. Because 1/m3 aerocrete six times lighter than 1/m3 of brick . That what the aerated concrete is.

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