Foundation blocks - price in Kharkov 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

The house basis - the Base - the basis of the house which accepts all loading from walls and transfers it to soil. The base keeps rigidity of a design. Its lower part – a base tape, should lean on bearing layer of the earth, below freezing level. (about 1 m) As walls of the first floor shouldn't be in soil, creation of the base layer adapted for contact to soil is required. Foundation block's materials should be strong, water and cold-resistant, and also steady against microorganisms. And here base blocks are irreplaceable. Them do of heavy concrete and reinforce fittings.

Base blocks are intended for constructions of different economic appointment.

They are applied at construction of walls of cellars, those. undergrounds, at installation of the tape bases under a brick or aerocretesat construction of not heated buildings, for walls of production and residential buildings.

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size price
2400 * 600 * 300 350 UAH
2400 * 600 * 400 460 UAH
2400 * 600 * 500 570 UAH
2400 * 600 * 600 700 UAH