Soil, black soil 2017

Aerocrete, bricks and other building materials in Kharkov 2017

You can always buy black soil, soil with delivery in Kharkov and Kharkiv region.

For delivery to the customer using our cars - trucks KAMAZ, KRAZ, ZIL, if necessary with trailer - truck.

Delivery of black soil operative day order.

Black soil - 1400 UAH - Kamaz 10 tons

Humus - 2300 UAH - Kamaz 10 tons

For more information about the product and deliver you phone us.

A fertile soil (earth) - is a mixture of sand, clay and black soil species, which is the top layer of soil, and of course, it nayrodyuchyshoyu part. Soil distributed component and, of course, by appointment. Soils can be used as filler for foundations of buildings, and also used for leveling building sites, dumping adjoining areas and commercial facilities. The construction of large structures such as dikes, dams, roads trestle and others. not without a cheap material like ordinary soil. And, of course, do not forget about soil, which is indispensable in the home garden and the garden, and in the manufacture of landscaping.

Black soil fertility is determined by the presence in it of nutrient minerals and humus - the organic part of it. The soil, which is needed for growing agricultural and ornamental plantings, usually consisting of organic minerals, fertilizers and topsoil soil. Natural organics, located in the black soil, creates the necessary conditions for the plants.

But, over time, nutrients that exist in the soil washed and extracted by plants. And because natural soil need to be enriched, ie apply fertilizer (such as humus, manure, etc.). When this procedure is done in a timely manner, vegetable field soil regains its fertility. Due to the high biological activity, black earth create the necessary conditions for the growth of any plant. Application of soil is mixed, for example in greenhouses often used his mixture of mineral soil (the ratio of one to one).

The soil is well deserved demand from people wanting to arrange the cottages and cottage areas. The most actively used soil from mid-April to late May, and autumn - September to October. It was at this time of year the ground fertilize and prepare for plants, increasing its quality and fertile properties.

The soil that came on sale in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, located in different places of the region, because it has different properties. Booking the company Samstroi, you can find out in advance preferred composition of the necessary material.